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Having an own community as base, Fitness Nation aims to partner with businesses from all niches in order to build lasting relationships which are mutually beneficial. From sports clothing companies and supplements manufacturers to gyms and health clubs, we have built the perfect ecosystem where your business can get the awareness and recognition you aim for.
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Industry Partners
Get support from biggest fitness players
Collaborating with some of the most trusted and recognized brands in the industry, Fitness Nation aims to provide ongoing development for those businesses that are willing to hit the ground running in the sports industry and become part of a unique experience through the reseller program. We partnered with some of the biggest players in the industry which have become official resellers of our technologies.
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Resellers' partners can enhance member retention and increase
revenue through the following packages.
Technology Partners
Use modern technology to its maximum potential
With the potential to enhance customer experience, boost sales and increase the efficiency of workouts, the modern technology provided by Fitness Nation partners contributes to a healthy and stable business development. From app wearables to booking and lead management systems, from smart and client oriented e-commerce to attractive digital signage solutions, Fitness Nation supports businesses streamline a lot of processes.
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We've partnered with some of the world's leading technology leaders to provide cutting-edge digital services to our collaborators. Through our technology partnerships we aim providing top-rated solutions that are empowering customer engagement, increasing brand awareness and revenue globally.
  • Accounting and Payment
  • Digital Signage
  • Location Management
  • App wearables
  • Online & On-site marketing
Brand Partners
Increase brand loyalty and retain customer base
By bringing some of the most famous brands into its online shop, Fitness Nation aims to create a loyal following of customers that will ensure continued success while helping drive sales forward . We help brands expand their potential market by accessing the pre-existing audience of other business partners that are activating in the same or in a complementary niche.
Become our Brand Partner
Fitness Nation helps its brand partners excel at customer experience by
providing a smooth customer journey through modern technology
and accurate data.
1. Studio screen/ cardio screen (DOOH)
2. Product placement in WOD
3. Ads in the Fitness Nation time line
purchase consideration
4. Newsletter
5. Ad in the Fitness Nation community
6. Product placement in the workout generator
7. Push messages (Special offer)
purchase decision
8. Customized shop in mobile app
9. POS in the studio based on the kiosk systems
10. Digital coupons
11. Loyality program
12. Postings
13. Ratings/ reviews
Partner Program
Achieve success with the FITNESS NATION partner program:
Promote FITNESS NATION to your customers and benefit from the attractive compensation models. Recommend our SaaS for digitizing gyms and get attractive rewards for every recruited customer. You will receive a percentage of each order you place on behalf of your customers (20% - lifetime!).
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Receive every month 20%
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customer you bring.
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